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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Our Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Service is tailored to meet the varying needs of businesses of all sizes.

For small businesses, we utilize ETL/ELT and data pipeline tools for efficient data cleaning and transformation, store data securely in SQL databases, and enable intuitive dashboard creation with Power BI.

Medium-sized companies benefit from our comprehensive Data Lake, which includes mirrored layers of SQL & NoSQL databases and visualization via a variety of dashboarding tools, ensuring robust data management and analytics.

For large enterprises, our service offers an advanced Data Lake infrastructure, specialized storage solutions like ClickHouse DB, and sophisticated data modeling with Analysis Services or eMondrian, complemented by powerful dashboarding tools.

BI Services
System Integration

Our System Integration Service is designed to streamline and enhance your technological infrastructure, regardless of the scale or complexity of your operations. By deploying our standard Integration Platforms, we accelerate internal and external system integrations – build an interface once and deploy it multiple times.

Our service;

• helps to harmonize your system landscape, supports seamless data migration, and enables customer self-service through the construction of your APIs
• enables full systems monitoring capabilities,   ensuring robust support and proactive error management.
• facilitates efficient communication across diverse systems and partners but
• simplifies integration processes during business expansions or acquisitions, ensuring quick and effective system compatibility.

System Integration Service
Master Data Management

High-quality master data and consistency across all systems are crucial for effective business operations. Without accurate master data, process efficiency declines, reporting becomes unreliable, and decision-making suffers. Our Master Data Applications service is designed to tackle these challenges. By implementing standard applications, we:

Centralize master data—including suppliers, customers, products, and financial centers—in one hub, ensuring uniform distribution to all systems like CRM, Business Intelligence, and Accounting.

Enable mass importation of data from suppliers and customers.

Provide comprehensive support for infrastructure setup, coding, user interface configuration, transformations, and database architecture, drastically reducing manual efforts and boosting operational efficiency.

Master Data Management Service

Optimal ERP Solutions: Our ERP Systems Service ensures businesses select and implement the optimal ERP solution through comprehensive evaluation and support across three subservices.

Impartial Evaluation: We impartially assess various ERP systems and their external implementation partners, such as those for Odoo, SAP, and Abacus, to identify the software stack that best meets a company’s needs with minimal customization.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our experience shows that more customization, integrating non-native ERP functions, significantly increases implementation and maintenance costs.

Efficient Implementation: Our ERP Implementation Service emphasizes extensive project and change management, enhancing the technical configurations offered by these partners.

Seamless Data Migration: Additionally, our Data Migration Service employs best practices and automation tools to streamline data transfers, minimizing risks of failure, as demonstrated in projects with clients like Bucherer AG and Paul Ullrich AG.

Odoo ERP Solution

Customized solutions: From bespoke AI services to specialized APIs, we offer solutions designed specifically for you to ensure seamless integration and maximum efficiency.

Content creation: Our AI-driven content generation services save you time and resources while maintaining the quality and relevance of your messages. By analyzing your attributes and preferences, we create engaging content for different platforms, channels or styles.

Future-proof solutions: Stay ahead of the curve with our AI solutions that evolve with your business. Our flexible and agile approach ensures your business remains adaptable and future-proof, whether you’re scaling to meet growing demands or adapting to new trends.

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