Our mission

Grow your business by leveraging data

We implement the right tools, the right infrastructure and processes that give you the insights to develop your business.

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IT-Services und Solutions

CONSENSO sees itself as an IT solution provider and specializes in the development of applications and technical implementation of projects in the following areas:

The integrated services of CONSENSO include consulting, design, implementation, project management, software development as well as training and support in the following areas:

Digital Business Assessment

CONSENSO acts as a sparring partner for specific IT and digital business initiatives and supports companies in the strategic analysis of existing and future systems.



Consenso is the Spanish word for consensus, which stands for “the state of agreeing with someone or something “ or “a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people “.

The name was deliberately chosen because it reflects one of the core values of our interaction with internal and external stakeholders: Consensus-oriented, collaborative, cooperative, egalitarian, inclusive and participatory.

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Leandro Aeschlimann

Managing Partner

David Grütter

Managing Partner

Patrick Meier

IT Consultant / Data Engineer