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Named after the Spanish word for consensus, CONSENSO embodies a collaborative, cooperative, and inclusive approach. Our team culture is unique—each member is not just an employee but a partner in their own right, capable of leading initiatives and supported by us even in ventures of their own.

We blend advanced technology solutions with strategic insight to drive business transformation. Established in September 2021 by Leandro Aeschlimann, our mission is to equip companies with the right tools and strategies for leveraging data to their competitive advantage.

Leandro Aeschlimann, Founder and Co-Owner, is in charge of technical execution and project management. He has experience in over 30 End-to-End ERP Implementations and has developed a variety of data platforms and custom applications.

David Grütter, Co-Owner and Partner, has broad experience in digital strategy, application management, and all the customer-facing domains of a business. He oversees our Sales & Marketing, enriching our partnerships and business strategy.

Sergei Semenkov, Associate Partner and BI & Data Analytics Development Lead, brings innovative data solutions and is about to join as a Partner later this year.

Patrick Meier, our first employee and Technical Consultant & Data Engineer, excels in Fullstack Application Development, continually advancing our technical capabilities.

At CONSENSO, we are more than a consultancy and IT service provider. We are partners committed to navigating and leveraging technological change together. For any questions or to discuss potential collaborations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are excited to explore how we can help optimize your business processes and achieve significant outcomes.

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Eliminate manual work and make our customers' business transparent and analyzable


Being the leading partner for data-driven companies in Switzerland

Our Team

Managing Partner Leandro Aeschlimann

Leandro Aeschlimann

Managing Partner

Managing Partner David Grütter

David Grütter

Managing Partner

Employee Patrick Meier

Patrick Meier

IT Consultant / Data Engineer

Employee Marc Jermann

Marc Jermann


Employee Lukas Fonti

Lukas Fonti

External consultant
Software engineering & Architecture